An environment friendly alternative

Sustainable plastic does not exist, but Life-Bed is the closest you can get.

Life-Bed is purely made by Polypropylene (PP). The chemical formula looks unhealthy, but in reality it is far from that.

PP is the most enviroment friendly syntetic material you can get. When producing PP less Co2 is emmitted compared to other plastics on the market. PP is therefore considered to be the type of plastic that has the least impact to the environment.


PP is 100% recyclable and can be processed for reuse without discharging gases or particles. PP has recyclecode 5 and can without any problem be disposed in a recyclebin for plastic.

PP is considered to be one of the most environment friendly plastics on the world market.

Recyclecode 5 is at the same time an assurance that the material is made of polymers that do not interfere with hormones.

Due to its environment friendly proporties there is a substantiel demand for PP in the world wide recycling production. If Life-Bed is deposited and treated correctly you might see it next time resurfacing as a garden chair, garden tool, bucket, watering can, mixing bowl, broom, garbage can, chopping board or something completely different.

In other words, PP can easily be recycled and is to a large extent already.


PP is 100% non-toxic. It is approved for direct contact with food and human skin. Even very delicate and fragile food like raw meat, strawberry and raspberry can be stored in direct contact with PP.

Pure PP does not does not interfere with hormones. Only plastics which emits substances like bisphenol A will harm peoples hormones. Our PP is 100% pure and does not emit bisphenol A or other harmful substances.

Disposal of Life-Bed is the area where it has truly beneficial effect on the environment.

It is common practice that conventionel mattresses, which normally are made from foam rubber and PVC, are burnt after use locally and in- and around refugee camps. Unfortunately there is no other way to get rid of used mattresses in developing countries than to burn them.
The burning has the unfortunate effect that a lot of toxic particles are emitted, mostly chlorine and hydrochloric acid but also a lot of heavy metals whic are directly harmful to humans, animals and plants.

When Life-Bed is burnt only substances that are natural occuring in the atmosphere are emitted – namely Co2 and water steam.

Made in Denmark

Life-Bed is invented, designed and produced in Denmark. Workforce is danish adult people only.

Life-Bed = Made in Denmark

Make you own contribution and help us preserving our wonderful lands, the beautiful green world and our sparkling blue planet. Chose Life-Bed next time you need a mattress for your festival, airport transit, shelter, hiking, camping or for you local NGO.

Why are we producing Life-Beds?

The purpose of Life-Bed was originally helping refugess and internally displaced people.

The idea came one night in November 2013 when watching TV. There was a broadcast from a typhoon in the Philippines. Buildings were destroyed, lands were flooded, people had nowhere to sleep than on the bare humid soil. They were all wet and freezing. Roads were destroyed or blocked. It was impossible to reach the hit areas with trucks or other vehicles that could bring the people mattresses and blankets.
We looked at each other and decided to find a better solution. Much better than big mattresses that have to be loaded onto trucks.
We wanted to invent a mattress that is packed very small, is easy to distribute, is waterproof and insulating. We decided to find the perfect solution for displaced people, refugees and other people in need of an instant resting and sleeping solution. A mattress that can be lifted by air all over the world within 24 hours.
After a lot of work and thinking, we finally found the perfect solution: Life-Bed.

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