For disaster preparedness and infection control.

Life-Bed can provide an instant first response solution for accommodation. It is a one-use mattress so there will be no transmitting of infections from person to person.


How can Life-Bed help?

Life-Bed can help governments, NGO’s, organisations, companies and private people as a remedy for disaster preparedness.

When packed in a warehouse Life-Bed takes up so little space and is so cheap that is perfect for storing as preparation for an emergency situation where a lot of people are in immediate need of a comfortable mattress to sleep and rest on. It is extremely light weight and easy to distribute and hand out. It has a shelf life of up to 10 years.

It is a one-use mattress which is disposed after use to avoid contamination and transmitting of infections. It is designed to provide instant relief and it has a life span of 14 to 90 days.

It is comfortable and easy to handle and no tools or skills are needed to use it.

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Life-Bed has a shelf life of up to 10 years when stored correctly

One cubic meter can hold more then 600 Life-Beds

One box with a weight of only 28kg holds 100 pcs.

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It is a one-use mattress which is disposed for recycling after use.

With a one-use mattress you avoid contamination and transferring of infections from person to person.


When inflated Life-Bed is 5 cm. thick and measures 60×180 cm.

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Full sustainable plastic does not exist but Life-Bed is the closest you can get.

Recyclable 100% polypropylene (Recycling code 5)
Suitable for incineration. Emits only Co2 and watersteam



Life-Bed provides comfort and insulation even on a hard surface

Can also be used on a bed as a soft and hygenic cover.

No more distribution and handling of heavy and environment damaging mattresses made from vinyl and PVC.

One Life-Bed measures only 1 x 29 x 39 cm. and weighs around 280 gr.

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Life-Bed can be bulk packed or individually packed.

Life-Bed is designed so it is easy to use and handle by everyone. No skills are needed, no tool is needed and no pump is needed. All you need is your mouth. It has a one-way self sealing valve, så the air does not “run backwards” while Life-Bed. There is no plug or other mechanism to fumble with. All you need is to blow air into the valve.
As a result of its design Life-Bed can be used by everyone no matter what age or skills you have. Are you young or old, strong or weak – it makes no difference. Even under cold conditions with stiff, wet or cold fingers you can still get it inflated without problems.


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The retail price for a Life-Bed is DKK 129,- / EUR 17,30

Discounts will be provided for goverments, NGO’s, healthcare companies like hospitals and clinics, companies and distributors etc.