Airport transit

Life-Bed is the perfect solution when you have an overnight transit in an airport.

Light, warm and comfortable.

Have you experienced this? Arriving late in an airport and having an early flight out again next morning making it impossible to get back and forth to a hotel? Only solution is then to stay in the airport sleeping uncomfortable in a chair or on a bench if you are lucky. But mostly they are all occupied so you end up lying directly on the cold floor.

Life-Bed is so light and small that you can easily have it in your hand luggage. It weighs less than 300 gram and it measures only 1x29x39cm. (Like a magazine). It is easy to inflate and after use you can just puncture it and place in the recyclebin, since it is 100% recyclable (read more under sustainability)

Life-Bed ensures you a comfortable and nice rest. Inflated it is 5 cm. thick and measures 180x60cm. It is covered with a soft and gente feeling non-woven fiber material.ageligt.

Why are we producing Life-Beds?

The purpose of Life-Bed was originally helping refugess and internally displaced people.

The idea came one night in November 2013 when watching TV. There was a broadcast from a typhoon in the Philippines. Buildings were destroyed, lands were flooded, people had nowhere to sleep than on the bare humid soil. They were all wet and freezing. Roads were destroyed or blocked. It was impossible to reach the hit areas with trucks or other vehicles that could bring the people mattresses and blankets.
We looked at each other and decided to find a better solution. Much better than big mattresses that have to be loaded onto trucks.
We wanted to invent a mattress that is packed very small, is easy to distribute, is waterproof and insulating. We decided to find the perfect solution for displaced people, refugees and other people in need of an instant resting and sleeping solution. A mattress that can be lifted by air all over the world within 24 hours.
After a lot of work and thinking, we finally found the perfect solution: Life-Bed.