ConstructionFife-Bed used on a gurney - provided by one of partners

Life-Bed is manufactured from high-grade polyethylene, (PE), and polypropylene, (PP).

There are two versions available for use in different situations and climatic conditions.

Life-Bed - MEDICAL

This is a dual layer PE product finished in gloss white for easy sanitation.  The mattress can be used directly on the ground or on a gurney.  Ideal for use in field hospitals where there is a lack of cot beds or on the ground in hospitals when overcrowding is an issue.  

Product code L-B 001


This is a four layer product, two inner layer of PP and two outer layers of PP. The PP outer layers give a fabric feel which provide extra warmth and comfort with added durability when being used on uneven ground

Product code L-B 002

Each adult Life-Bed is made up of 6 inflatable chambers, consisting of 18 interlinked pockets. 6 inflation valves are along one side of the mattress with direction indicators.

A child sized Life-Bed consists of three chambers.  

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