All purpose clear Life-Bed


  • Compact - lightweight - robust
    • Simple to inflate
      • Combats Hypothermia 
        • Waterproof - hygienic
          • Comfortable
            • Extended shelf life

Why Life-Bed?

Natural disasters strike without warning, often leaving a wake of devastation, resulting in many thousands desperate for the basic essentials, shelter, water, etc.  Displaced populations are forced to sleep on the ground in makeshift shelters and tents and will suffer from the effects of hypothermia.  Woven sleeping mats, which are used in the field, fail to meet the demands that are thrown at them.  

Life-Bed has been designed to address these problems on many fronts.

A significantly better solution

Life-Bed is an inflatable mattress that combines a hygienic, comfortable sleeping surface with a barrier against hypothermia. 

Using innovative and patented technologies Life-Bed is a lightweight, waterproof, robust alternative to traditional sleeping mats and at only 280 grams anyone can carry it.  Life-Bed is orally inflated in minutes and can be used on both wet and dry surfaces.  If contaminated your Life-Bed can be sanitised and is re-used in minutes.  

Life-Bed is simple for humanitarian and aid agencies to distribute and are made from high-grade materials making them durable.  A long shelf life makes them the perfect solution for emergency preparedness and crisis intervention operations.   

Life-Bed is an ideal first response solution when disaster strikes.

Designed to be better

Life-Bed a good night's sleep

Combining the multi-cell design, with the ease of inflation, Life-Bed provides even support, comfort and insulation from cold.  Life-Bed is simple to inflate via a unique one-way valve.  There are no stoppers to lose, or seals to leak.  Just blow into the indicated openings and the mattress will stay inflated for many months.

"A good night's rest on just about any surface".

Life-Bed shipment with the Ghurkas detined for Nepal

Simple for logistics and ease of deployment

With over 27,000 Life-Beds in a single container, logistically, Life-Bed is the most economical solution available.  There are 80 adult Life-Beds in a 25kg carton, making even the most trying conditions, including air drop, no barrier to deployment in the field.

Brecon Beacons National Park Appeal

Life-Bed deliver the first shipment to the Gurkhas in Brecon as part of the International response to the disaster in Nepal. <more>

Facebook link : Nepalese Appeal

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